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The L.A. Bullets of Anaheim

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• If you have a Fantasy Baseball question, call my webcast radio show LIVE Sunday night.

• The Sunday LA Times pronounced Kelvim Escobar fine, ready to make his next start.

• The Figgy dominoes fall this way:
Maicer Izturis is the starting 3B and Robb Quinlan will back him up, most likely against lefties.

• Chone Figgins was the team's emergency backup 3rd Catcher. Who is now? Will the team carry three pitchers? Is Jeff Mathis at the level of Josh Paul?
Answer: No 3rd Catcher - Robb Quinlan will be the emergency backstop, something the team did not need in a game last season.

Sports Illustrated asks for your vote...
Please STUFF the ballot box for your homeland, Halos Heaven: L I N K -to- P O L L
Your votes in this national election are appreciated.

Updated Over/Unders:
Weaver - April 12 in Boston
Colon - April 26 at home vs. Tampa Bay
Figgy - May 10 at home vs. Cleveland

• I am writing the Angels' Season Preview for DEADSPIN, so look for it this week.