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Boycott Circuit City

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You can buy an XM Radio many places if you want to listen to every Major League Game, but do not buy it at Circuit City.

Circuit City is an evil corporation... Read All About It. Basically, they laid off their highest-paid staff - people who were highly paid becuase they had earned the money through great sales achievements.

I purchased my XM Radio there. They added insurance (which I always decline) and then when i paid off the card, they sent me a bill for $1.05 (A dollar and five cents) which was the insurance charge and the finance charge (on the insurance charge). I called and they said they would remove it. They did not. The next bill had a $35 non-payment fee. Within three months I owed $100+ plus.

Scum. There are many places you can purchase an XM Radio. Circuit City should be removed from your list.