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LOOKING AHEAD: Pitching Matchups

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Barring teams skipping pitching slots on off days, this is a rough ascertainment of the pitching matchups facing the Angels for the first homestand and road trip of the year (which, by the way, is the WORST roadtrip of the year for the Angels).

Lackey - Kevin Millwood
Escobar - Vicente Padilla
Santana - Brandon McCarthy * Day Game
Saunders - Joe Blanton
Moseley - Joe Kennedy
Lackey - Dan Haren
Escobar - Esteban Loaiza * Day Game
Travel Day
Road Trip
Santana - Jake Westbrook
Saunders - Paul Byrd
Moseley - Fausto Carmona * Day Game
Lackey - Julian Tavarez
Escobar - Curt Schilling * Late Afternoon Game
Santana - Daisuke Matsuzaka * Day Game
Saunders - Josh Beckett * MORNING Game
Jered Weaver - Joe Blanton
Lackey - Joe Kennedy * Day Game

A lot can change of course. Moseley could suck and give way to Carrasco. The bullpen could be depleted and they could bring Weaver in a day early before his turn in the rotation (Rob McMillin reports this will be the case). But this is a sketch.

Looking at it, Santana pitches one night game - in Cleveland, where he made a truly awful Major League debut in 2005 - and two day games (in which he has historically performed bad). Dustin "Line-Drive" Moseley will likely be helped by cool weather in Fremont and Cleveland, as will Weaver's Fly-Ball tendencies if he pitches a night game in Fremont instead of a day game at the Fen.

We miss Sabathia, Wakefield and dodge the Harden bullet twice in the above scenario.