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Gary Matthews Juicer Update

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Holy Shit! ... Arte is P I S S E D !!

R E A D -it and- W E E P

There is almost too much in that short article to be digested.

First things first, remember this: ARTE WINS ... There is no other option. IF he feels he got sold a bill of goods, he will bulldoze through any convocation of dunces trying to evade the core issue: Is $50 million of his about to be stolen under false pretenses?

Our leader is serious ... No finesse needed, no bullshit allowed within a mile of this man. For him to talk to the press with the tone of Über Gravitas in that article ... this is about absolutes, coming clean and playing for keeps.
(as much or more as this essay of mine is about keeping clichés alive, but I digress...)

First, Arte says this is going to be resolved by Opening Day. Hold that thought. Second, Arte announces that he is not a very happy guy and insists that this should have been resolved already.

Now, the rest of the article describes the dogpile of people that are involved in this whole mess:

1. The headline-hungry gub'mint goonsquad.
2. The Commish and his cronies, who need to appear to be "doing something"...
3. The players' union - closer than ever to ditching the whole "membership is its own right to privacy" stance
4. Arte and his lawyers (ask Mayor Pringle how the cookie crumbles with them at the snack bar)
5. Matthews
6. OJ's lawyer
7. A damage-control firm.

It is going to get ugly here.

Arte may very well attempt to void the contract and dare Matthews to sue. Would he spend $50 million to risk setting legal precedent and single-handedly end the steroids era? The way he is talking, I think it may be headed that way.


In America, everyone is innocent until proven guilty and Halos Heaven eagerly awaits the free agent millionaire's side of the story, whether it is delivered by the player, his lawyer, his damage-control specialists, his publicist or his chemist.

Gave proof thru the night, that our flag was still there...