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Depth is Why We Are Not Whiny Nation

Usually,'s website has articles of ridculously limited analysis, the kind of Baseball Insight that comes from men who have never read Bill James because he has too many syllables in his name. But a good, if superficial, article there today discusses the Angels' success despite injuries.

Money Quote:
The Angels currently have six players on the disabled list and already have had to utilize the DL 10 times this year. This situation could be a cause for gnashing of teeth and a festival of self-pity.

What he means is we could be acting like Athletics Fans. But instead, our organization has built depth into many positions to soften the blow of a key injury at many points in the depth chart. Currently, the result is that we are fans of a First Place Ballclub instead of immersed ina culture of whiny "if onlys" and self-certain pronouncements of "When we get back to full strength". Angel Fan culture instead revolves around wondering who will play what position while someone else is not around for a while instead of cryin' like a baby over the absence of said player.

D'ya think if we called Stoneman "Billy" he'd get the props for being a genius that he is due?