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Angel Pitchers ranked in the order of their ease in being replaced

  1. Darren Oliver - Garbage Lefty
  2. Hector Carrasco - Garbage Righty, useful mop, $3 million to a late-30s Kevin Gregg.
  3. Chris Bootcheck - Wouldn't want him in a pressure situation, but with a 4-run lead, who wouldn't would take him over Carrasco?
  4. Dustin Moseley - Can handle the 7th inning somewhat, can keep us in the game a little. A nice surprise.
  5. Ervin Santana - hot... cold ... magic... voodooo. You're a fool if you bet against him but you're a fool if you have him on your Fantasy Team. The best trade bait relative to what he brings with his youth and perceived ceiling versus what his potential bust might be...
  6. Bartolo Colon - Might be shipped on July 31 to a National League contender, so enjoy the big guy while you can.
  7. Scot Shields - Regressing, hopefully just a mechanical flaw or two is serving up those grapefruits.
  8. Joe Saunders - a young lefty like this either brings a prize in a trade or is your reliable mid-rotation starter for the next 3 seasons.
  9. Justin Speier - Has yet to let an inherited runner score, his absence has indirectly lead to overworking Shields and the reported virus has cost us in all probability two games.
  10. Kelvim Escobar - If it were not for the bone chips, he'd be higher.
  11. Jered Weaver - If it were not for the biceps tendinitis, he'd be ahead of Frankie.
  12. Francisco Rodriguez - The best closer in baseball. The only real threat to Frankie having a stellar career is Hugo Chavez.
  13. John Lackey - The ace of the staff is also the leader in the clubhouse.