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L.A. Angels of Anaheim GAME 51/162 THREAD

GAME THREAD - Angels @ Overpaid Pinstriped Northern Aggressors - 10 A.M.

"Yankee fans don't appreciate good baseball, they just appreciate the Yankees beating up on everybody. In Boston, they admire baseball. In Anaheim, those fans are some of the best in baseball. They know you care there. They know you can't do it every day. I appreciate that. These people in Yankee Stadium, they're mean. And they're really mean to the other team. When we came here last year, they were in first place, so it was okay. Now they're just looking for an excuse. When people say mean things, they only motivate me. Yankee fans are bad losers."
--Orlando Cabrera, quoted in today's L.A. Times

Panther to that is all that can be said.

Random Song Lyrics
Once I ran to you
Now I'll run from you
This tainted love you've given
I give you all a boy could give you
Take my tears and that's not nearly all
Tainted love

No love lost between the OC and the NYC