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Too Early to Test the Shea Hillenbrand Trade Waters?

If Shea Hillenbrand were to heat up over the next week, as Garret Anderson - already assured of a spot in the Angel lineup - completes his Rancho Cucamonga Rehab by Monday, would just a small hot streak be enough for the Angels to trade Shea?

Assuming the Angels eat the salary, is there any team out there that would trade a middling prospect or a better-than-Yan reliever to the Angels for cash considerations and Shea's just-past lukewarm bat?

Barring that, someone, and that would be Nathan Haynes and/or Kendry Morales, is meeting back up with the Tabernacle Choir Bees next week - and if Justin Speier's Rancho rehab aligns with Garret's, it may be a seven-man bullpen and Nate-n-Ken will be able to use the carpool lane all the way past Provo before the end of the current Angel homestand.