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Recent Stoneman Decisions

Ditching Eckstein
16 runs scored in 155 at-bats, in and out of the lineup with back pain.
Trading Scott Schoeneweis
Stats not necessary, this one's a gimme
Trading Ramon Ortiz
A brief highlight reel win or two earlier this year, Diogenes now stinks (or more appropriately, is back to stinking), and has been demoted to the bullpen and we got Holy Moseley for him!
Ignoring Adam Kennedy
Howie may be slumping, but he is not batting .237 in limited action
Trading Jeff Weaver
Terry Evans is tearing up AAA while the Elder Bongtoke is the worst pitcher in Mariner history
Aborting Jim Edmonds
Falling apart in Saint Louie, no truth to the rumor that his ego occupies a roster spot of its own
Trading Alberto Callaspo
Wifebeater is batting .212 while Jason Bulger is making a name for himself at high altitide Salt Lake...

JC Romero
Kicking ass in the Red Sox pen. Who'da thunk it? Bill James must have seen something in the numbers...
Bengie Molina
3rd best catcher (offensively) in the NL and for one of my fantasy teams!
Jarrod Washburn
Dominating KC and Tampa Bay-type teams, has kept the Mariners in it...
Troy Glaus
Bashing when he is not brittle.