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Shuffling Definitions in the A.L. West

There are some stereotypes of our division rivals that need to be switched.

In the recent past, the Texas Rangers have been seen as the "Big Bat" team of the AL West. They currently have the most runs scored in the division, but unlike recent years the difference between the lowest offensive output and the highest is a mere 26 runs. They have fallen to Earth. The Mariners meanwhile have scored fewer runs than the Rangers, but after a poundingly big series with them, I have no problem describing them as the "Big Bat" AL West team.

And like the Rangers of the past, the Mariners have a mediocre at best pitching staff.

Your mental image of the Rangers can be that frame surrounding the Mariners the past few seasons: Managerial mediocrity leading to highlight reel glimpses amidst the fog of nothingness on the field and non-existent presence in the national media.

Of course, the Athletics are still the "Too-Cheap-For-an-MRI-Crew" that disables its players with its Wal-Mart prescription medical staff, chumps its fans with tarps and puffs up its pitcher stats and egos with more foul territory than that of four stadiums combined.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.