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L.A. Angels of Anaheim GAME 30/162 THREAD

Friday Night GAME THREAD - Bleached Laundry of Cicero @ Angels - 7 pm
TV: FSN Cable - RADIO: 710 A.M. (ingles) - 830 A.M. (spanish)

Do you realize the White Sox traded Esteban Loaiza to the Yankees for Contreras? Bet the Bombers wish they could un-do that spell...

Random Song Lyrics
A double bed
And a stalwart lover for sure
These are the riches of the poor

Tonight I will be sitting in the Dimaond Club for hopefully Mike Scioscia's 626th regular season victory as Angels Manager. He'll probably surpass Bill Rigney's 707 losses sometime late in the 2009 season - KC delivered #538 yesterday, you do the math.

Think the Pale Hose blows? Check out their version of the truth at the South Side Sox blog.