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Losing Quality Starts

We have lost 4 of 5.

Wednesday, KC, Ervin Santana, Quality Start - 3 runs in 6.1 innings. Angels lose 3-1

Thursday, KC, Jered Weaver, Quality Start - 3 runs in 6 innings. Angels lose 5-2

Friday, CWS, the game we won we were gifted runs on a ball lost in the twilight and saved runs by miscues on the opponents' end. Escobar only allowed 1 run, but it should have been 2-2 going into the 10th. Hey, we'll take it, but it was not an inspirational win upon close examination.

Saturday, CWS, Lackey a run over a Quality Start, but 4 earned runs in 8 innings is good pitching. Angels lose 6-3

Sunday, CWS, Bartolo allows 2 runs in 7 IP+. Only bullpen meltdown of consequence in this 5 game sequence. Angels lose 4-3 in 10...

Starting pitching has been great.
Bullpen has one meltdown and some back-end sloppiness.
But the blame lies with the bats.

Angels LOB:
WED: 12
THU: 4
FRI: 17
SAT: 13
SUN: 23

That is awful by any measure of a baseball club.
Welcome to the very un-merry Month of May.