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The Sabermetric Success of the Angels

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Rob McMillin's daily must-read 6-4-2 Angels/Dodgers double play blog has an item of such astounding substance and impact, I am just going to pretend that this is and post the whole item here as a testament to Rob's importance in the Halosphere:

Thanks to Andrew in the comments for pointing out that Vlad Guerrero and Orlando Cabrera are the AL's two best players according to Win Shares; as measured by Fielding Win Shares, Cabrera's 5.1 score puts him soundly on top of the pack, ahead of the Red Sox' agile center fielder, Coco Crisp. The Angels are the only team in the league to have two players in the top ten, and it's really something to see them ranked 1 and 2. Good show, guys!

This blows my mind. It accomplishes so MANY things:

1. Fuck you Rob Neyer, you fraud, your Angel-bashing with a sabermetric sword is a hollow gesture of hiding your fanboy bias behind empty math. The cult of Mike Scioscia drinks your wretched Royal bitter blood from a cup.

2. If Billy Beane is such a genius, we are at the one-third mark off the season and your enemies control the numbers, dominating your spreadsheet.

3. Time to piss on any remaining embers of the Eckstein-Love bonire

4. Slice off the tongue of any alleged Angel-fan badmouthing Arte. His first offseason yielded Vlad (and Escobar, Colon, Rivera and Izturis) and the rest is history.

5. Stoneman bashing is so backward, wrongheaded and incompatible with reality/truth that it is a sign of mental retardation brought on by self-imposed stubborness and/or envy, like a hemorrhoid of the brain.