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Hey Everybody, Let's... Whine About Injuries!!!

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Some teams would be 162-0 without injuries to hear their cranky fanbase piss and moan about every little blister, hangnail and hangover their boys suffer.

The Angels have been playing amazing ball lately with quite a few concerns on the medical front and yet we have hardly had a spare moment amidst the victory dances to kick and scream and wail about the aches and pains.

Why aren't we steeped in misery?

Because our General Manager has stocked this team quite deep and these role-players keep us in games and winning while other clubs walk the waiver-wire tightrope and the MRI straight and narrow.

But we are hurting nonetheless and it could get ugly if some of these bruises don't get back into the pink soon.
Here is where it hurts...

Garret Anderson - Tender Hip - Day to Day
He hit a homerun Saturday and promptly tweaked his tender hip

Bartolo Colon - Strained triceps - Day to Day
Something is ailing the big guy and he has not seen the last of the 15 Day DL... mark my painfully obvious words!

Maicer Izturis - Hammy - Due Back Midweek...
Now that Hillenbrand is hitting a smidgen it is tough to justify bringing Maicer back - and there is no urgency with Figgins on a hit streak and Aybar warming the bench well.

Casey Kotchman - Bruised Elbow - Day to Day
This one could suck big time. I hope they are cautious and steady with the Might-y-Casey

Justin Speier - Montezuma's Revenge - Out Indefinitely
Thank God Bill Stoneman acquired Dustin Moseley a few years back.

Juan Rivera - Broken Leg - Due Back in July.
Anything we get from Johnny Rivers is gravy and it is fabulous to be in a position where we are not desperate for his return. He's a well-paid Nathan Haynes more likely than he is the answer to any big-bat needs.

Jered Weaver - Lower Back Tightness - Day to Day
If Oakland's #3 Starter was pulled after three innings because of back tightness, half of A.N. would be on suicide watch. For us it is maybe Cousin Joe from Salt Lake might be visiting, kids!

OH and...

Dallas McPherson - vertebrae - 60-Day DL
Still on the 40-Man Roster... ya never know !?!?!?!

There has also been time lost with Reggie Willits nursing a sore Hamstring and talk that Vlad Guerrero cannot play Righ Field in more than three straight games...

Add to all of this that Chone Figgins and Howie Kendrick have had to work out their swings while IN the lineup after lengthy DL stays and we should be blaming every scoreless half-inning on injuries. But when you are 16 games over .500 and have more insurance policies on your bench than an Allstate Agent in New Orleans, somehow none of those aches and pains make it onto the menu at the Bitter Fan Buffet...