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Finding a Needle in a Sewing Machine Drawer

Wednesday's Game was the epitome of a team effort and the impulse to award the "Panther of the Game" to Vlad (4 RBI) or Lackey (W, QS) is tempered with the analytics that RBI and WINS are overrated and reveal more of who batted in opportune moments or pitched for offensively competent teams.

Without Cabrera extending innings and being on base, the game goes to the National League team. Is there a pitcher out of the pen who would have recorded the 6 critical outs that Shields did today? Figgins made the opponents struggle hard to contain him.

A reminder of what could be was the rare 0-fer of Casey Kotchman. Take one cog out of our offensive machine and the whole damn hot rod sputters instantaneously no matter how many flames are painted on the side of the chassis.

There is a lot going on in any baseball game and one that combines the myriad efforts of our players makes for an immensely satisfying experience that is a joy on which to ruminate later on in the evening.

But your gut choice is often right. Panther to Vladdy.