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Poseur Thug Life: Sympathy for the Dodgers Fan

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When Yankee fans and Dodger fans and Red Sox fans overrun Angels' home games, there is nonstop bitching from the Halo faithful about the disrespectful trash that blew into our house.

And so we must take any criticism of rude and brash Dodger fans in Dodger Stadium lightly - it is THEIR friggin' dilapidated house, their lard-ass fans, their awkward logo from another coast and time and never-in-fashion team color, their absurd Hollywood-Sign style slogan to THINK Blue when every fan there inevitably FEELS blue not knowing their revolving door players/management/ownership, all after paying $15 to park and join a certain traffic jam.

So the Dodger fans are thuggish and in yo' face - oh boo hoo, we are worthy of their scorn, Angel Fans. Our team has 6 players who have been on the roster since 2002. Our team has won a playoff series in recent memory. Our team has a ring from a year that Duran Duran was not at the forefront of Pop Culture. Our team has 51 more runs scored than their's after an offseason of being scolded by the Dodger, er, Los Angeles Times that we needed a big bat.

They are blue, they are bitter, they are bastards. What part of this is so difficult to comprehend that we would express shock and/or dismay at their hissing from a cornered-squirrel position. To go into their house and leave with anything less than a black eye, a fat lip and a well-pitched victory would cheapen how far they have sunk, how high we have risen and how terrible the house that Garvey seeded remains...