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Bartolo Colon Must Remain in the Angels' Rotation

Until he is hurt or his contract runs out, Bartolo Colon must remain in the Angels' rotation. He must be given every opportunity to pitch his way back into pitching well. The likelihood of that occuring and his regained form winning ten games in the 2nd half is better than his falling apart afte having come back this far. He is not the worst 5th starter in the league. He might be the best 5th starter in the division!

No, Bartolo cannot go to the bullpen. Lackey's shoulder is hurting him. Weaver visited a chiropractor a week ago. Santana is a bad start away from a tsunami of blog-post whining. Escobar throws 100 pitches great but in five innings, taxing the pen. Saunders has not lit up AAA, by the way. So, No, Bartolo cannot go there, the rotation may need him.

Be careful what you wish for, you may get it. We got some good bats heated up and driving runners over and getting them in. And now the wheels are about to come off the pitching...