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Joe Saunders to Start Friday for Ailing Jered Weaver

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Hokie Joe is Back!
Pitcher Joe Saunders will be recalled from AAA Salt Lake prior to Friday Night's game. He will be pitching for Jered Weaver, whose tight shoulder is not as serious as first believed. Weaver will likely pitch on Sunday.

The rotation juggle also allows John Lackey to rest a tight shoulder for a few more days.

The rotation then TENTATIVELY will be:
FRI: Saunders
SAT: Escobar
SUN: Weaver
MON: Colon
TUE: Santana
WED: Lackey
Thursday, June 28 is, fortunately, another off-day.

No word on who will be removed from the 25-man roster to make room for Hokie Joe.
If the Angels want to carry a 12-man pitching staff they have a few choices:
• Designate Hillenbrand for assignment
• Option Terry Evans to AAA
• Retroactively disable Casey Kotchman to June 17 - making him eligible to return to action after July 1
• Option Nathan Haynes to AAA, necessitating a run thru waivers which the outfielder might not clear - perhaps good, though, for the player and the team.
• Send Erick Aybar down to AAA.

With all these tight shoulders, it seems that the Angels would want the insurance Saunders represents to last for more than one day and would be leery of sending down a pitcher and keeping only a five-man bullpen.

If they gamble on just one start from Hokie Joe and do send a pitcher down, the most likely arms to leave the big club would be Dustin Moseley or Chris Bootcheck, although Darren Oliver's job elimination is always an outside possibility with an organization known to fish rather than cut bait.