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Angel All Star Candidates and Likeliest Honorees

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The All-Star Game is 20 days away.

With all the recent pitching aches and pains, I think the Angels will find themselves without a starting pitcher in the All Star Game this season unless the ice packs work a miracle in the next 8 games.

Vlad is a lock and Frankie is close to a lock. Orlando Cabrera has a better chance to go than Escobar unless Kelvim gets 10 wins before the naming date - that would means 2 wins in the next 3 starts.

If Lackey has a bounce-back impressive start and wins next week, that pushes him ahead of Kelvim and lessens the likelihood of Cabrera getting in. A deserving Scot Shields is on the outside.

Whoever goes, I think they should wear the Red jerseys.