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Angels Pitching Rotation Shuffled

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FRI June 22: Saunders
SAT: Escobar
SUN: Colon
MON: Santana
TUE: Lackey
WED: Weaver
THU: Off Day
FRI June 29: Escobar

Assuming the tender shoulders of Mister W and Mister L are in working order, All Star candidates Escobar (8-3) and Lackey (10-4) have 3 starts before the All Star Game with Lackey's 3rd coming in New York on the Sunday before the game.

A lot can change, hell, a lot HAS changed recently. Terry Evans is integral to Wednesday's win and gets sent down for Joe Saunders who guts out 6 innings on Friday to be sent down for Kendry Morales, indicating a trade for Shea Hillenbrand or a DLing of Casey Kotchman may be imminent...