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L.A. Angels of Anaheim GAME 58/162 THREAD

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SUNDAY AFTERNOON Game Thread - Maryland Ornithology @ Angels - 12:30 PM
Jeremy GUTHRIE versus Ervin SANTANA

You may also post your O.P.D. Guesses in this thread.

Guthrie is a bright spot for the Orioles pitching staff that we can hopefully stain.
Ervin is the most popular topic on this website, a veritable Halosphere Paris Hilton if you will, minus the DUI...

Random Song Lyrics
Every time I see your face
It reminds me of the places we used to go
But all I've got is a photograph
And I realize you're not comin' back anymore.

Garret Anderson is back to play LF and DH. Counting today, there are four games left with a DH prior to nine straight interleague road games.