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All Star Pitching Conundrum

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Likely Leyland Picks:

Josh Beckett - BOS
CC Sabathia - CLE
Justin Verlander - DET
Johann Santana - MIN
Dan Haren - OAK

Frankie Rodriguez - LAA
Billygoat Jenks - CWS
The Putz - SEA
Nathan Papelbon - BOS

On The Bubble
If Roy Halladay is Toronto's representative, there will be 2 other pitching spots open.
If Alex Rios represents Toronto, there will likely be 3.
Either 2 or 3 of them will likely come from these 4:

John Lackey - LAA
Dice-K Matsuzaka - BOS
Jeremy Bonderman - DET
Kelvim Escobar - LAA