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LA Angels of Anaheim GAME 81/162 GAME THREAD

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Game Thread
Angels @ Maryland Mythical Ruthian Midwives of Camden
4 PM - Bartolo COLON vs. Brian Burres

Hope Bartolo remembers that this is a contract year.

Not So-Random Song Lyrics
When Eddie said he
didn't love his teddy
you knew he was a no-good kid
But when he threatened your life
with a switchblade knife
What a guy!
Makes you cry,
and I did.

Melvin Mora was a triple shy of the cycle last night, so Aubrey Huff was not the only one to light up Angel pitching. Hopefully this has, along with last night's Full Moon, passed.

C. Figgins 3B
O. Cabrera SS
V. Guerrero RF
G. Matthews Jr. CF
R. Quinlan DH
H. Kendrick 2B
C. Kotchman 1B
J. Molina C
N. Gorneault LF