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Tobey Maguire

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At the June 2, MOCA FRESH silent art auction fundraiser, actor Tobey Maguire was intent on getting a drawing entitled Tincture by LowBrow art superstar Mark Ryden (donated to the event by West L.A.'s Michael Kohn Gallery).

The 5'5" actor lurked around the small framed artwork in the company of MK Gallery Director Samantha Glaser, who towered over him as a protective brunette bombshell skyscraper that Spiderman himself could only hope to climb. For the final 45-minutes of the event Maguire suffered the L.A. art world's fools with a polite aura of resignation that if this is what it took to get his Ryden, this is what would have to happen, topping his early $37,500 bid near the final bell with a penstroke committing $42,500 to MOCA. I snapped a pic of the final bid sheet seconds before the auction commitee lady snatched it up with an efficient elbow to anyone getting too close among the gaggle of onlookers.

What does this have to do with the Angels? This is why I missed Saturday's Angels game, as Missus Halofan had also donated an artwork to the auction (which sold) and we got comped the $150 (apiece) tickets.