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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2007 Baseball Draft Preview

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Due to the Angels signing various free agents over the offseason, Thursday's MLB Amateur DRAFT sees the Angels sitting on the sidelines for a big part of the event.

L.A. of Anaheim's first Pick in the draft is #58 - near the end of the Post-1st Round Supplemental Round. Then we do not pick again until #118 - near the end of the 3rd round. After that it is smooth sailing, with picks #148 (4th round) and #178 (5th round) and so on down the line...

This is not necessarily the worst position to be in, as we avoid the big, big bonus signings and can devote a larger sum of money to be meted out to the picks we most strongly want.

The Angels will most likely pursue the best player available as measured by traditional scouting methods regardless of how close he may or may not be to the majors. While the club's minor league system could use some power pitching, good outfield bats are the likeliest standout at the tail of the supplemental round.

Here are five players that might become the Angels First pick of the 2007 draft based on the team's needs, the organizations preferences and tendencies as well the likelihood that these players will not be picked in the First round or the early part of the supplemental round.

Kentrail Davis, OF - (Scott Boras is his advisor)

Kyle Russel, OF (a Longhorn with a reputation of being streaky)

Kellen Kulbacki, OF

Sean Doolittle, LHP, did a lot at Virgina

Garret Nash, SS (Listed 3rd at that link)

After that, it is anyone's guess, although you can be sure that Angels scouting director Eddie Bane has the goods on many, many possible picks.