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Angels Draft Analysis

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Pick # 58 - RHP Jonathan Bachanov - January 30, 1989
A power pitcher born the day before Nolan Ryan turned 42. From Florida, which means he wrassles alligators.

Pick # 118 - RHP Matthew Harvey - March 27, 1989
Assumed to go in the First Round, this Boras client fell far. He was born three days after the Exxon Valdez disaster, so you know he can make big headlines.

Pick # 148 - Lefty CF Trevor Pippin - December 3, 1986
Sounds like he is ready for high tea with the queen with that name, but he is from Middle Georgia Junior College, which means he may know most of his ABCs, a step up from the rest of the local populace.

Pick # 178 - Switch-Hitting SS Andrew Romine - December 24, 1985
A top college defender, he was born the day we got a VCR and a microwave at our house for the first time - biggest Christmas ever. Hopefully he is a present for the Angels a few seasons from now!

P R E D I C T I O N S: Matt Harvey signs in August for First Round Money. The others report to minicamp by July 15.