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July OPD: Runs and Hits Picks

July Pre-Game O.P.D. (Offense Defense Pitching) guesses will be RUNS HITS Picks.

Before Each Game, look for the OPD Thread Before or within the Game Thread.

Pick the Runs and Hits for the Angels and their Opponents>

Angels 4, 10
Orioles 2, 7

That would indicate you think the Angels are going to score 4 runs and have 10 hits in the game.
You get a point for each number you correctly pick.

IMPORTANT: No matter who is home or away, Make the Angels Picks FIRST, on top followed by your guesses for the opponents.

PRIZES: In addition to getting points in the Right Sidebar OPD standings, Each WEEKLY Winner will win a FREE Halos Heaven Tee Shirt of their choice while supplies last.