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Why the Blogs Will Win

I have to laugh.

The mainstream media has the access to the players, they have the inside information, the great press box seats, the comped travel and lodging. They have paid staffs that fact-check their work.

But a screen shot from THIS LINK at the Orange County Register reveals that with this MASSIVE built-in advantage, the hometown media outlet of the Angels cannot even correctly spell the name of a popular player. At this moment in history, the only advantage the mainstream press has over the blogs is a professionalism that underscores the accuracy of their reporting. Folks, Chone Figgins is now playing his SIXTH season for the Angels. He is a popular player. This headline accident is just hackery at the OC Register. Remember when they rip the blogs, they are just as prone to incompetency and currently on a bigger stage.

Professionals are professionals first, fans second or not at all. Fans who blog are not professionals, however, we get it right. We have higher standards and a community to whom we are accountable. Oh, and we can also spell FIGGINS correctly.