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LA Angels of Anaheim GAME 90/162 GAME THREAD

Saturday Game Thread - Dallas Clearchannel @ Angels - 6 PM
Kameron Loe versus John LACKEY

John was moved up in the rotation because he did not pitch in the All Star Game and because Mike Scioscia wants to send a message to the superstitious among you that Ervin Santana will not be pitching on a home-night schedule because your VooDoo statistics declare that this must be the pattern of his destiny...

Random Song Lyrics
Sister's on the highway with that steel-drivin' crew,
Papa's in the big house, his workin' days are through.
Tough Mama
Can I blow a little smoke on you?

Why yes, as a matter of fact, it would be nice for the offense to pick it up just a little bit...

White Reggie - DH
Figgy - 3B
Cabfare - SS
Vlad - RF
G.A. - LF
The Kotch - 1B
Izzy - 2B
Jo-Mo - C