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King Felix Uncrowned

Seattle lost on a Felix night tonight - at any given point with the Mariners rotation, one can assume a four game losing streak is likely, if not downright probable. So when the 5th night comes and their best pitcher is on the mound, you thank the stars for aligning up with Jeremy Guthrie on the mound against Mary Sasquatch. So Team Frapuccino hits the blender early tonight as a Miggy-less Orioles team orders their lattes to go!

Meanwhile, my faith in the integrity of baseball is shaken by instances like this one where the Yankeees are granted a comeback in the 9th inning on a called BALK... this just reeks of attempting to manufacture a Yankees playoff push.

Pardon the cynicism, but in the era of television ratings being dependent on YankSox cockstrokes at the top of each hour, and baseball being dependent on TeeVee money to even function - well, let's just expect a few more ridiculous calls to go the Yankees' way over the course of the next few weeks. You can bet you will never hear the scolds of Bob Costas and other luddites when things bounce the way of he Bronx Bandwagon...

In other news, the Oaky Choaky Green Weenies of Fremont should be in last place in, uh, well let's say 72 hours to be safe, okay? Okay. Go Angels!