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From the comments in his sidebar Diary Entry:

As a few of you know, Black Magic gave up an HR today. The good thing is that I can provide some context for the box score. BM gave up 3 hits in 7 innings including the HR; he sat the entire gamae at the end of the Bee's bench all by himself until his last innings when some Bee's game him some props. His body language was such that he doesn't feel as though he should be pitching there. That's probably a good thing.

Considering how he's done in the show this year, tonight was actually quite good. He only threw about 6-7 more pitches for strikes than balls but only tossed a high 80's number of pitches, maybe 90, the entire game. He had a little trouble spotting his fastball and off-speed stuff wasn't spotted that well but looked good. Although when he need to make a pitch, whether a heater or breaking ball, he got the job done. Overall, it was a good night and a performance to build on. I wasn't bowled over, but given how he's thrown recently I can cut him some slack.


They got good beer there!