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LA Angels of Anaheim GAME 98/162 GAME THREAD

GAME THREAD: Choakland She-Wolffs of Fremont @ Angels - 7 PM
Chad Gaudin vs Bartolo COLON

I enjoy this rivalry.

Random Song Lyrics
Every dinner was crummy
nothing was on t.v.
I was ready to pack it up
our heads were so achey
You didn't mean anything to me

Wonder if Bartolo is looking over his shoulder at Dustin Moseley...

Post Your OPD Picks in this thread before Game time
Bonus OPD Guess: Name an Angels Pitcher besides Colon who will throw a pitch in this game.
Guessing "Nobody" means you think Bartolo will pitch a complete game or there will be a rainout or Iran will nuke the stadium prior to Bartolo's removal as pitcher of record.