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Mike Napoli Day to Day

UPDATE: Napster hits the 15-Day Disabled List. Minor League catcher Ryan Budde called up to take his place.

Angels Catcher Mike Napoli tweaked his hamstring stealing 2nd Base Friday night. He will not be going on the disabled list. Napster will likely not play over the weekend and this might force the Angels to send Brandon Wood to AAA and call up minor leaguer Bobby Wilson to spell Mathis in a game this weekend.

This injury, mild as it is, has stoked a few of the halo hardcore to question the wisdom of Bill Stoneman's recent trading of Jose Molina.

Let me reiterate that the trade of Molina is of no consequence in this matter. If Jose Molina had not been traded, Napoli's injury would have meant that the Angels would have had Jose Molina catching more games. By all definitions of baseball analysis, Jose Molina in your lineup out of necessity IS A NEGATIVE. Jose is fat, slow and cannot hit the Earth skydiving.

While Jeff Mathis will not bring to mind a young Johnny Bench, like Howie Kendrick playing First Base last season, any time he gets at this level will be training and simultaneous proving and it would be humanly impossible for a catcher with minor league experience to be worse than Jose Molina.