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Angels Third Straight Win: One For the West Coast

The Angels have quietly won three straight games for the first time in over a month.

While the Fox network announcers railed against the homerun call in today's game, the outcome of the contest would likely have not changed. But the national baseball media hates the Angels. They mock the name change, resent the 2002 championship, despise California although they only know it from stereotypes, and feel that fans on the west coast are not, in general, as "true" as fans on the east coast. You know the east coast fan - the smug fuqtard who needs every gametime posted on television and the internet to be listed in his time zone because he cannot wipe his own ass until he is reminded that he is near the country's cultural, intellectual and political center.

Well, this is the fan that nepotism-produced FOX announcer Kenny Albert is dying to massage, lick the humidity-induced sweat off of and otherwise grovel toward in nude supplication. Guess the idiots who enjoy shoveling snow just to get to work only to get kicked in the teeth on the job by ivy league managerial know-nothings, I guess these urbane east coasters buy more of whatever pisswater beer and overpriced Detroit lemon non-hybrids are getting advertised on Rupert Murdoch's baseball-pimping network.

The Angels have quietly won three straight games for the first time in over a month. Hurt, disheveled, training-on-the-job, juggling the lineups, demoting, promoting and playing musical jerseys each night, the Angels just took a series from the team with the 2nd best record in baseball. Don't DARE let that story get out!

On Sunday night they will try to make it four straight victories in a game broadcast on history's most vile, insipid joke of a network: ESPN. This company is the most biased box of East Coast vermin who have ever assembled to fawn over the rotting cheese stench of teams from the two most narcissistic burgs in American history. This cancer on sports is an expanding tumor of self-importance. They hate us, we hate them, but we can win. Win Sunday night and Anaheim cuts out another small chunk off of the east-coast-myopia tapeworm growing inside the stomach of American sports.