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LA Angels of Anaheim GAME 85/162 GAME THREAD

Will Kowbell Morales play tonight?
Just so we are on the same page with the Kendry Kampaign, here is the reference.

Win today and be assured of sole possession of First Place at the All Star break.
Lose today and the mathematical possibility of being in 2nd at the break looms.

GAME THREAD - Angels @ Texas - 5:30 PM
Kelvim ESCOBAR versus Robinson Tejeda

Post Your OPD GUESSES here.

Random Song Lyrics
Tina went to the Lady's room
Saw written on the wall
"If you'd like a very nice time
Just give this number a call"
It was 6060-842

Hope Kelvim has the Texas contingent of his MySpace Hoochies on speed dial...