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LA Angels of Anaheim GAME 86/162 GAME THREAD

GAME THREAD - Angels @ New York - 4:05 PM
Bartolo Colon versus Andy Pettitte

The Bullshit -- err, All-Star -- Game is almost upon us, and the Angels will remain in sole possession of first place, even if they succumb to the Overpaid Suckitude that is the Yankees.

In light of how old and horrible the Bronx Buffoons are this year, and given the (surprisingly) dominant year the Angels have put together, it would be easy to predict an Angels sweep -- particularly because the Angels OWN the Yankees, regardless of record.

Ready to throw your money on a sweep? Here's one word of advice: ROYALS

Post Your OPD GUESSES here.

Not Random Song Lyrics
An imitation from New York
You're made in Japan
From cheese and chalk
You're hippy tarts hero
Cos you put on a bad show
You put on a bad show
Oh don't it show

Johnny Rotten > David Johansen