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Angels Lineup Generates Power at Random

The point about the Angels offense that needs to be emphasized is that without any pop, we require 2 or 3 hits off a pitcher or pitchers in an inning to score.

The frenzied hitting is often like a banzai tree - pretty but starved - and some Isolated Power would be like a nice monsoon - more oomph than we even need when the pitching staff is considered.

We cannot rely on Maicer Izturis, of course, but a pitter patter of awakening pop in Casey's bat, G.A.'s consistency and bit players like Mathis could be the crescendoing cloudburst that this often parched set of bats needs. Stranding runners out on the basepaths happens all too often with the hit-hit-hit or miss offense with which we have tightrope-walked this far into the season. A little pop from random sources - dare I say Orlando Cabrera doubling every three games or so - is as good or better than the mythical "Big Protection For Vlad Bat" that has never materialized.

With the arms we have and a random power generator somewhere in the lineup each night, we cruise to an October berth.