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Blame of the Game: Ervin Santana

This type of choking that involves actively giving up comfortable leads in rapid order - the quick, massive choke that reverses a game's tempo faster than Bewitched's Doctor Bombay reverses a spell - this is the type of late-season, energy draining, faith waning play that poisons a good team's chances at becoming great.

It is the type of play that makes a team turn on the players at the fringe of chemistry, forevr brandishing selfish egotards like Jim Edmonds as clubhouse cancers because they let the biggest of losses wash off quicker and dance around the clubhouse in preparation for that night's hoochie like nothing too terrible had happened.

It is the kind of play that slashes open the monster below the belly, taking all of the guts out of a team and revealing them to be full of shit anyway...

A disheartening night to say the least.