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Angels Baseball GAME 128/162 THREAD

Jaze @ Angels - 7 PM
Roy Halladay v. Jered WEAVER

Every Angel Fan is a Kevin Millwood fan tonight.

I guess this conundrum is like watching a janitor enter a sorority house on a Sunday morning and rooting for the vomit to be so overwhelming that he just leaves....

Post Your OPD Guesses here prior to the First Pitch.

I always link to it in the game thread so if you do not know what OPD means, check out some other game thread and see how to play this fun and exciting game.

Random Song Lyrics
We are all of us in the gutter
but some of us are looking at the stars

Kendry Morales was called up to the Angels to spell a bruised Casey Kotchman, who was not placed on the disabled list. Brandon Wood was sent back to AAA after Thursday's game to make room for some kowbell.