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Angels Baseball GAME 132/162 THREAD

Angels @ Insurance Company Stadium of Alleged Sailors - 7 PM
Ervin SANTANA vs. Jeff Weaver

Thanks to Kelvim MySpace and John the Baptist, the bullpen is rested in case the Bad Voodoo arises, but the Black Magic curse on an ex-Angel will be strong.

Post Your OPD Guesses here before Game Time.

Will brother Jered be wearing his Cardinals' cap in deference to the bro tonight?

Random Song Lyrics
I'm on the 714
'cause I got a brand new jar.
These Lemmons put some light in my life
keep me happy through the night
I'm a lude boy, I don't care if I ever get home.

Don't take an extended leak before Vladdy's at-bats tonight - Jeff Weaver's tomatoes are the apple of Guerrero's eye.