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Angels thru the SoCal Seattle Fan's Eyes and Wallet

I spent Monday evening playing poker at an L.A. card club. There were two Mariner fans at the table during the ballgame - for which I had a perfect siteline of the plasmascreen.

With so much discord between our teams on the field and on the internet, it is surprising how much we agreed on:
1.The Angels have terrible announcers. (every baseball fan knows this).
2. Mike Hargrove was an idiot and Scioscia is one of the best managers in baseball.
3. Ichiro is a better leadoff hitter than the Angels have.
4. If Lackey were a Yankee, ESPN would have added an extra channel to fawn over him.
- - -4A). ESPN does not cover teams other than the Yanksox well at all.
5. Safeco is a great stadium.
- - -5A). But the fans there are ball-less boors.

We disagreed on many things - will 1995 happen again, is the rally monkey lame, is it smoke and mirrors keeping the Mariners in the race, was Gary Matthews Jr a good signing, does Seattle have a foundation to compete over the next few years, is Frankie better than Putz, etcetera...

The biggest disagreement of the night was whether I was four to the flush or had the but straight. One bet big thinking the former, the other bet assuming I did not have the latter. I had flopped the nut flush and cleaned up about the same time Lackey was starting the 8th inning!