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Angels Baseball GAME 133/162 THREAD

Angels @ Insurance Company Stadium of Alleged Sailors - 1:35 PM
Jered WEAVER vs. Felix Hernandez

The Kid versus the alleged King.

Post Your OPD Guesses here before Game Time.

Will brother Jeff be wearing his Dirtbags' cap in deference to the bro today?

Random Song Lyrics
I'll be vigilant, I'll be silent
Yes, know one will know.
You want something for nothing,
a toast on your grave
I just wanna give you the creeps

Remember that imbecilic Mariner fanboy blogger Derek Zumsteg who kicked up so much shit earlier this season with a deluded fantasy masquerading as serious analysis that Frankie was doctoring the ball with resin from his cap? Well, he picked Felix Hernandez as the Face of the Mariner Franchise. You know, the team with Ichiro has a hot prospect so let's get a boner about that because we are the elite of the sports blogosphere and we don't eat peanuts at the game like the plebians, we use stats for our nourishment!

What this means is that we kicked their emerald green asses black and blue the last two nights and today is our chance to kick the Mariners in the face of the franchise, if Derek Zumsteg is to finally be believed for once.