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Angels in Great Position

Consider this:
The Angels were in first by a game a week ago. With today's Mariner loss, they have added 4.5 games onto their division lead in 7 days.

They lost Figgins and Kotchman in consecutive games a week ago and managed to put together a competitive-to-dominant run without their leadoff hitter who is 5th in the AL in batting and their clutch Lefty 1Bman. Choakland would have thrown in the towel, ditched the expensive players and discussed Beane's genius as comparable to Thomas Jefferson or Teddy Roosevelt. The Angels simply exploited their depth.

The uncanny ability for the Mariners' interim manager to make a bad decision exactly when the course of the game demands a good or great one - this ability is eerier to watch than the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It makes Mike Scioscia appear to be borderline irreplaceable.

Would we have LOST any of the past four games with Marc Teixeira in the lineup?

The Angels got a day off and rested up to face Texas at home. This is a fortuitous chance for the team to put even more ground between themselves and the Mariner's Moose.