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Road Warriors

Panther of the Game: Garret Anderson

After further review, disregard the following three paragraphs...

I missed the entire game, save for Frankie's half of the 9th inning and came home, scoured the boxscore and nominated Lackey or GA for Panther.

An interesting stat-analysis of the game at FANGRAPHS shows FRANKIE getting the highest perccentage of today's win, followed by Casey Kotchman, Orlando Cabrera and then Garret Anderson, with John Lackey accruing a negative percentage measurement.

Since I can out-attest the statkeepers that Frankie gave me indigestion, while accepting that Garret's triple in the 1st had an element of Travis Buck sucking in the field to it, I put it to a Panther Poll:
OC or Casey?