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Do the Angels even CARE about their Fans?

Noxious windbag Kevin Kennedy, posing as a baseball analyst on the postgame Angels Live is asked about the Angel game. This frontrunning fool goes on an exhaustive discussion of the Yankees coming on strong to the Red Sox and this being a motivating factor to Boston. Rambles on and on about the two teams that ESPN already covers for the nation - why does the Angels broadcast have to fixate on the situations facing these oversaturated franchises?

Of course, Never-Missed-A-Buffet Kennedy could have been taking his cues from the absolute fawning three-hour tribute to the Red Sox that was the Angels broadcast tonight, Steve Physioc recounting Boston's 2004 season triumph so flawlesssly I expected him to also do a ticket promo for 2008 Fenway Season Seat Holder deposits.

All of this on a day when the Angels corporate management went faceless on its fans and tried to sweep the voluminous Angel Stadium rat turds under the carpet.

Is it past time Arte Moreno move to Southern California to crack the whip on his cronies testing the limits of fan loyalty? Of course it is. Get the hell out of Phoenix, Arte, your home here has a vermnin infestation from top to bottom. Oh and there are rats outside of the management suites as well...