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Angels Baseball GAME 113/162 THREAD

7 PM - Evil Empire Pretending to be Underdogs @ Angels
Jon Lester VERSUS Dustin Moseley

Post Your OPD Guesses Here...

Our #5 against their #5, but Angels analyst/Boston apologist Kevin Kennedy - carpetbagging scumbag that he is - blames Boston's misfortune on our guys getting to face the bottom of Francona's staff. Meanwhile the Monster Offense from Woostah gets to face the backend of OUR rotation and nary a peep from Kennedy's moustache... and we pay this freakish has-been's salary?

Random Song Lyrics
Tonight you'll fall asleep in clothes
so late like a candy bar wrapped up for lunch
that's all you get to taste - poverty and spit.

Rat Sandwich special is off the menu!