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Angels Baseball GAME 145/162 THREAD

Angels @ Eliminated Halloween Treats - 4 PM
Kelvim ESCOBAR vs. Daniel Cabrera

And yet another Cabrera...

Post Your OPD Guesses In this thread prior to the First pitch...

In the case of Kelvim Escobar, the Cy Young award is still dangling within temptation distance, crowded by other near-20 Game winners...

Random Song Lyrics
First day with the jar you find
Everyone lies
First day with the jar you find
Everyone lies, nobody minds

So there we were, Angels fans, all of us, awaiting word on Gary Matthews' ankle sprain and someone said "Vlad hit two frackin homeruns last night, put Santana in Centerfield and let's freegin' party, Vlad is BACK!" ... and nobody visited Gary in the hospital or even sent a card...