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Good News Bad News

Good News: We won two then lost two then won two
Bad News: Then we lost two more
winner: check back tomorrow

Good News: we're deep enough to withstand the loss of Gary Matthews, Jr.
Bad News: the sight of Reggie Willits looking for flyballs to CF
winner: "good news" but not by much

Good News: we're deep enough to withstand a Casey Kotchman slump
Bad News: Scioscia will not just start Morales
winner: "bad news" - let's hope Casey breaks out of it

Good News: The bullpen did not blow the John Lackey lead on Thursday, as they had done in his past two starts...
Bad News: The bats didn't show up at all
winner: "bad news" aka Scoreboard

Good News: The magic number is 9
Bad News: and has been for over 48 hours
winner: "good news" - ghosts of 1995 be damned...

Now it is your turn.. post your GN/BN in the comments section.