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Angels September Callups (so far)

UPDATE: Juan Rivera will be in uniform tonight in Anaheim according to the LA Times

Original Post:
Seeing as the Angels have the best minor league organization on earth, is it any surprise that our AAA team is in the PCL playoffs?

The Salt Lake Bees will have to do without Jason Bulger and Rich Thompson (but I wonder if ex-Angel Jason Thompson might help them), as these two pitchers were called up to Anaheim as the rosters expand. Both arrived in time to appear in the game today - and each did.

Juan Rivera and Bartolo Colon will stay in AAA for a few more days to rehab.

The Bees' first round opponent has not been determined, but they play 2 road games on the 5th and 6th and 3 home games on the 7th, 8th and 9th if necessary in the first round best of 5 series.

If they are eliminated, expect to see Brandon Wood and Terry Evans on your doorstep September 10th.