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Kelvim Escobar's Sore Shoulder

So it turns out that Kelvim Escobar's ERA over 10 in his last 4 starts had a physical explanation beyond being worn out by the MySpace Hoochies. X-Rays were negative and rest is the best prescription, along with a little Trainer Rick Smith magic.

We have 8 games left:
Sat v. SEA: Colon
Sun v. SEA: Lackey
Mon @ TEX: Santana
Tue @ TEX: Weaver
Wed @ TEX: Saunders
Thursday Off Day
Fri @ OAK: Lackey
Sat @ OAK: Escobar
Sun @ OAK: Santana
10/1 - Monday; Off day
10/2 - Tuesday Off day
10/3 - Wednesday - Possible Off day, Possible ALDS Game 1
10/4 - Thursday - Possible Off Day, Possible ALDS Game 1
10/5 - Friday - ALDS Game 2

This scenario gives Lackey regular rest heading into the playoffs as our #1 starter. It also gives us a rested Weaver in case the worst case scenario regarding Kelvim's health comes to pass.

In the above slotting, Saunders and Santana would both be fresher for a playoff start than at any time in the recent past.

If Escobar is good to go, he will have an extra day of rest after his Saturday Oakland start to be ready for Game 2 of the ALDS.